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Wild & Crazy Facts

You’re probably thinking that you’d have to be a little nuts to think there’s anything wild or crazy about concrete. Or you just have to be in the concrete business! Concrete boats, concrete speakers, concrete houses and concrete shoes. I can’t be the only “cement head” in the world.


It’s one on the oldest manufactured construction materials in the world, and still used in some of the worlds most advanced structures.

French Professor Joseph Davidovits is pretty sure the pyramids are made out of concrete. I think he’s probably right. Check it out at:

There’s even a Timeline of Concrete showing uses dating back to the Great Wall in 3000 BC:

  Our own C.N. Tower in Toronto, the world's tallest freestanding structure, is a very tall skinny pole, with a restaurant on top. It sways like a car antenna, and yes, it’s made of concrete.

And if we ever choose to build a colony on the moon, we won’t make it out of PVC pipe and Plexiglas like in 2001 (the movie – remember?) we’ll make it out of… (wait for it) Concrete! There’s lots of rock and sand there already and they’ve even found a little water. All we have to bring is cement and a wheelbarrow

    Cement powder is so fine it will past though a sieve that water will not! Silica Fume, which is an additive we use to increase density and strength is 100 times finer than cement. (about the consistency of cigarette smoke)

Universities all over the world design and compete with concrete canoes. (easy to patch - hard to portage)

    Concrete speakers provide extremely low resonance. (also low instances of theft)


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